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The Real 2016 Top 10

The Real 2016 Top 10 of everything!

2016 top 10Forget the so called polls churned out by the media and the made up numbers for top 10s that appear in the papers.  It’s time to make your vote count for the Real 2016 Top 10.

I find my self fascinated by what is most popular in everyday life and it seems lots of you are too so let’s get some votes on the table to find the people’s real #2016Top10 items in some everyday categories. Do not hesitate to share this – we want as many people to vote as possible.  @GeckoDesignsUK

2016 top 10I plan to use Twitter to run this but you can vote in anyway you like and you don’t have to give us just one answer for each category, you can actually send us a top 5 or 10 of your own if you like. The key hashtag is #2016Top10 which we want to get trending but each of the categories has its own hashtags too. I would respectfully ask though that you do not spam the votes.

So start by telling us your favourites in the following areas:

  • Dog Breeds                                           #DogBreeds #2016Top10
  • Iconic Cars                                            #Iconic #Car
  • Memorable Bike Rides                       #BikeRide #Memories
  • Sports                                                     #Sport
  • Hobbies                                                  #Hobbies
  • UK Countryside Animals                    #UKAnimals
  • World Animals                                      #WorldAnimals
  • Iconic Buildings and Locations         #Iconic  #Building

So keep an eye out for our Tweets, one for each of the above subjects.  Share it, tweet and retweet it, do whatever you like but let’s get some serious votes on here and champion your own favourite choices and make them number one in the Real 2016 Top 10.  Here is our Twitter: @GeckoDesignsUK

Happy Voting and Thanks in cheeky anticipation!


By getting involved we can put together the 2016 top 10 of ordinary everyday things that mean something to you.