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New Tennis Wall Art Goes Down a Storm in Winchester

Tennis Wall Art – Game, Set & Match

Tennis Wall Art -WW10

I am well happy after our new tennis wall art , called ‘Game, Set & Match’, was so well received at the Winchester Art & Design market on Sunday.

Just for your diaries folks the Winchester Art & Design market is held in the high street of the historical Hampshire city in the shadow of Winchester Cathedral on the third Sunday of each month.

The story behind our unique and exclusive tennis wall art is that my late father, as well as being a carpenter and joiner hence our use of just wooden frames for our cut out wall art, was, in his heyday, a fanatical and successful tennis player well known on the Cheltenham and Gloucester tennis circuit.

Not Wimbledon standard of course but Wimbledon did feature very highly in his sports viewing program and those two weeks in June and July tended to be pretty focused on watching as many matches as possible. Wimbledon 2016 runs from 27th June to 10th July 2016.

But back to our new tennis wall art.  We had the idea, designed the cut out – which was not that straight forward as there had to be an element of artistic necessity in the design to give the cut out design strength thus the cut outs on the tennis racquets.  Also the white line on the tennis balls is thicker than usual because it had to be to cut it out and give the white cut out enough rigidity to survive.

Then we thought – hang on a minute – what material do we use for this design?  We did decide to use a deep purple for the tennis racquet but found a fantastic lime green fury material which means we really do have furry balls!

furry tennis ball - tennis wall artSo we bring you new and exclusive tennis wall art with furry balls.  What could be better than that?

We can of course offer all the usual personalisation and customisation options for fabric and maps but bear in mind that maps are not going to show that well behind the thin art cut out of the tennis racket.