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Sausage Dog Gifts

Watch this great video of a Sausage Dog called Spithas on holiday and then I will give you some ideas on how to find sausage dog gifts that no-one else has thought of.

So you or a friend are mad on sausage dogs. You or they have everything going it seems, sausage dog bits and pieces all over the house but you need more! In fact you are craving sausage dog gifts that no one else has because you love your sausage dog to bits.

Not surprising really. I was brought up with sausage dogs and although they have become a modern small dog trend they have always been full of character and completely unaware of how small they are. It’s their size that often appeals but you have a big dog in a little package here.

sausage dog giftsWhen I was little we had sausage dogs and Great Danes. Two complete opposites if ever there were any. The Danes were sedate and relaxed but the sausage dogs were fiery, excitable and at the front in any conflict. I remember a time when a German Shepherd wandered into the driveway. It was the dachshunds that made the first move to protect their domain. At first the German Shepherd just watched the sausage dogs barking with some mild amusement just a few feet in front of him but after a while he noticed the two Great Danes standing under the trees about 30 yards behind.Gt._Dane,_Lucy

He made his decision and moved on but you should have seen the look of victory and achievement on the little sausage dog’s faces. They had no idea that they were only part of the reason he went away. But who could tell them?!

Anyway, Sausage Dog Gifts

Back to the program, you were reading because I promised a unique option for your sausage dog gifts. Now I am assuming here that you are looking for a sausage dog gift for yourself rather than your sausage dog. After all he or she probably only wants a treat or a sausage but you want some sort or souvenir, momento, reminder of your mad little sausage. To add to the cushions, curtains, ornaments etc that festoon your house.

Well we have two options to start with. A normal shaped sausage dog (or dachshund) and a sausage shaped sausage dog! Take your pick from the two pictures below:

sausage dog gifts       sausage dog gifts

Forget about the pattern or colour of fabric in these pictures for now. We can sort that out later but I have to tell you that although the stretched version, or sausage shaped dog is completely ridiculous it is at least as popular as the normal dachshund cut out.

These images are cut outs. They are designed by us, converted into a cutting file and then cut from deep mountboard with a 42 degree bevel just like a picture mount and are backed with padded fabric to give a slight 3 D effect.

sausage dog giftsThis means you can put ANY fabric behind them. If you click on either of the two pictures you will be taken to the relevant page on our website where you will see a drop down box giving you some fabric options. These represent the most popular options amongst our customers but you can easily choose another fabric from our fabric swatch or even send us the fabric you want in your picture.

So you can basically design your own sausage dog gift. Our pictures are supplied framed in solid wood antique pine or white wood frames or you can choose to have them unframed. I have to tell you though, and this was not a conscious thought, the sizes are non standard sizes so you might struggle getting a frame yourself unless you have one made. Sorry about that but we chose the frame sizes based around the pictures we sell.

Get Creative – Design your own Sausage Dog Gift

So get creative. Design your own sausage dog gifts for yourself or for a friend. Just click on the picture you prefer above and get started. As all our pictures are made to order it might take us between 3-5 days to make if up and get it off to you but I promise it will be worth it. All you have to do is take a look at what our happy customers say (not all about sausage dogs of course) on our feedback page and we would always welcome your comments on this page when you receive your lovely picture and fall in love with it.

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If you need to talk with us about your picture just get in touch via our contact page and we will get back to you asap.

Happy Sausage Dogs!

Tim & Elaine