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Dorset County Show – Gecko Designs

Gecko Designs Dorset County ShowGecko Designs at the Dorset County Show.

Just got over the busy weekend at the Dorset County Show.  It was not just the two 12 hour days but the week of 16 hour days before making up our pictures, getting our stock ordered and delivered, organising the raffle and Facebook competitions and running our market stall in Cornhill Dorchester as normal.

Phew!  The weather was a little chilly on the Saturday but then to our great relief Sunday marked the beginning of Summer, for a day at least!

It was a big leap for our little family business getting involved in one of the biggest events in the Dorset event calendar and quite scary to be honest, but we met lots of lovely people, some had already seen our cut out art in Dorchester but we were fortunate to find loads of new fans from other parts of Dorset and further afield.

We thought that the County Show was really appropriate for our products as we only use solid wood frames, we live in the country, we love animals and many of our artworks feature country and animal scenes so we reckoned, and thankfully so did you, that this was a great fit.

We had loads of people enter our event raffle to win a picture and they also signed up to our newsletter which will let them know about new designs and competitions in the run up to Christmas.  If you did not see us at the show you have missed this particular competition but you can sign up to our newsletter and/or take part in our September Facebook competition at the bottom of this page.  Just like or comment on the competition post and, dare I say it, spread the word, and help us get up to 500 likes by the end of September.

We hope to see more of you over the next few months so get planning your Christmas gifts and we promise to give you unique and exclusive cut out art for your own home and as gifts for friends and family.

See you soon


Elaine & Tim