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Bertie and Jack – That is not Us

Gecko Designs not Bertie and JackBertie and Jack – Who are they? Some of our customers mention, when visiting the stall, that they have seen something similar, but thankfully not as interesting to them, when visiting Bath, for example.

What they have probably seen is Bertie and Jack which is a cut out company offering paper backed cut out art in contemporary white and black mdf frames which seems popular with city dwellers but does not really appeal to the countryside and rural lovers that frequent the Dorset Netherlands. And in most cases these customers have been put off by Bertie and Jack prices and are very happy when they see ours.

We are completely different from them. We need to make that completely clear. The cut out mount designs are our own for a start, and we use quality padded fabric in our cut out art which is a completely unique formula in the UK. Also, as a nod to my late father who was a carpenter, and with respect to our countryside surroundings, we use only real wooden frames for our cut out artwork.

stagpictureGecko Designs is the only company offering this exclusive combination of mount cutouts and padded fabric and we pride ourselves on providing something that our countryside lovers really enjoy. We also offer some lovely fabric based landscape art of Stags in the Wild and Country Wildlife, and as a reference to our seaside location (ie the South Coast) we have a very popular range of fabric based Beach Hut landscapes.  Now, you don’t have to live in Dorset to get your hands on our lovely stuff, any country dweller, and also those city dwellers that have a love of the rural, can order online at our Gecko Designs Shop and we will make your personalised, unique and exclusive cut out art or map memory as soon as we can and send it along to you.

We do not carry stock as everything is made for you and we always check we have got it right before sending it out too.

So forget about Bertie and Jack and look to Gecko Designs to create your gift or home decoration.