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From two the latest books, a narrative emerges concerning future to your Anglophone unique. Both of them are the effect of lengthy trips. Netherland . by Joseph ONeill, required six several years to write down; Remainder . by Tom McCarthy, had six a long time to find a traditional creator. Both of them books are antipodal-truly the first is the strong refusal with the other. The physical violence of the denial Remainder signifies to your fresh like Netherland is, in part, a purpose of our ailing literary lifestyle. Continue reading Retro

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The Real 2016 Top 10

The Real 2016 Top 10 of everything!

2016 top 10Forget the so called polls churned out by the media and the made up numbers for top 10s that appear in the papers.  It’s time to make your vote count for the Real 2016 Top 10.

I find my self fascinated by what is most popular in everyday life and it seems lots of you are too so let’s get some votes on the table to find the people’s real #2016Top10 items in some everyday categories. Do not hesitate to share this – we want as many people to vote as possible.  @GeckoDesignsUK

2016 top 10I plan to use Twitter to run this but you can vote in anyway you like and you don’t have to give us just one answer for each category, you can actually send us a top 5 or 10 of your own if you like. The key hashtag is #2016Top10 which we want to get trending but each of the categories has its own hashtags too. I would respectfully ask though that you do not spam the votes.

So start by telling us your favourites in the following areas:

  • Dog Breeds                                           #DogBreeds #2016Top10
  • Iconic Cars                                            #Iconic #Car
  • Memorable Bike Rides                       #BikeRide #Memories
  • Sports                                                     #Sport
  • Hobbies                                                  #Hobbies
  • UK Countryside Animals                    #UKAnimals
  • World Animals                                      #WorldAnimals
  • Iconic Buildings and Locations         #Iconic  #Building

So keep an eye out for our Tweets, one for each of the above subjects.  Share it, tweet and retweet it, do whatever you like but let’s get some serious votes on here and champion your own favourite choices and make them number one in the Real 2016 Top 10.  Here is our Twitter: @GeckoDesignsUK

Happy Voting and Thanks in cheeky anticipation!


By getting involved we can put together the 2016 top 10 of ordinary everyday things that mean something to you.

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Where to find us this Christmas

As well as being in Dorchester Cornhill (Outside Costa & Boots) for a few days per week, typically Wednesday – Saturday (depending on the weather) we will be attending a wide range of events and markets around the area where you can come along and buy or order your Christmas gifts.

Saturday 7th November – Kingston Maurward Craft & Gourmet Food Show – Kingston Maurward

Sunday 8th November – Kingston Maurward Craft & Gourmet Food Show – Kingston Maurward

Thursday 19th November – Groves Nursery, Bridport.  4pm-8pm

Sunday 22nd November – Christchurch Christmas Market – Red House Museum, Quay Rd, Christchurch

Sunday 29th November – Poundbury Christmas Market – Middle Farm Way, Poundury, Dorchester 12-5pm

Sunday 6th December – Cheese & Grain, Frome


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Dorset County Show – Gecko Designs

Gecko Designs Dorset County ShowGecko Designs at the Dorset County Show.

Just got over the busy weekend at the Dorset County Show.  It was not just the two 12 hour days but the week of 16 hour days before making up our pictures, getting our stock ordered and delivered, organising the raffle and Facebook competitions and running our market stall in Cornhill Dorchester as normal.

Phew!  The weather was a little chilly on the Saturday but then to our great relief Sunday marked the beginning of Summer, for a day at least!

It was a big leap for our little family business getting involved in one of the biggest events in the Dorset event calendar and quite scary to be honest, but we met lots of lovely people, some had already seen our cut out art in Dorchester but we were fortunate to find loads of new fans from other parts of Dorset and further afield.

We thought that the County Show was really appropriate for our products as we only use solid wood frames, we live in the country, we love animals and many of our artworks feature country and animal scenes so we reckoned, and thankfully so did you, that this was a great fit.

We had loads of people enter our event raffle to win a picture and they also signed up to our newsletter which will let them know about new designs and competitions in the run up to Christmas.  If you did not see us at the show you have missed this particular competition but you can sign up to our newsletter and/or take part in our September Facebook competition at the bottom of this page.  Just like or comment on the competition post and, dare I say it, spread the word, and help us get up to 500 likes by the end of September.

We hope to see more of you over the next few months so get planning your Christmas gifts and we promise to give you unique and exclusive cut out art for your own home and as gifts for friends and family.

See you soon


Elaine & Tim


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Win a Gecko Designs free picture

Gecko Designs Free PictureAs we start the run up to the ‘C’ word (that is Christmas), we thought “what about giving away one of our unique and exclusive pictures”. So here is our Gecko Designs free picture offer.  If you win you can choose any picture – frame, infil and design up to a value of £25. Including all of our new designs.

gecko designs free pictureAll you have to do is Like or Comment on this post and our extremely clever software will log your interest. The winner is picked at the end of September by a random selection system and we will video it (if I have mastered the video software in time!). And then of course we will post the video and contact the winner privately.

So come on, Like us or Comment on our post, visit our website and have a look at our new designs (we do need to update our pictures but it will do for the moment) and find that exclusive and unique gift for yourself or a friend or family. If you are reading this on the website itself then get over to and check out the competition post to enter.

Gecko Designs Free PicturePS – this is not a secret.  The competition is open to anyone in the UK providing they will appreciate our lovely stuff.  Local delivery or pickup (at our market stall) is included although if you don’t live near us in Dorset we will ask you to pay a little bit of postage to cover delivery costs.

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Gifts Dorchester

Gifts Dorchester.

Looking for gifts in Dorchester, Dorset’s lovely small county town? Look no further as we have exclusive and unique Gifts Dorchestercut out art perfect for gifts and of course for your own home.

We live here too and having spoken to many local people, residents, visitors and the like we have come to learn that rural, country style, real wood and unique are words that are most often used when looking for gifts in Dorchester.

Gecko Designs, based in Stratton, are pleased to be able to offer unique and exclusive cut out art for special and everyday gift occasions.  If you are searching for Gifts Dorchester we aim to please.  We have a market stall in the main street Cornhill, just at the top of South Street in Dorchester.  Our market stall location moves a bit from day to day but usually we are near Boots, Costa Coffee, Seasalt – somewhere about there!  We are there most days but definitely Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and throughout the summer some other days too – but definitely NOT Sundays!

You will not find our products anywhere else, apart from our website and most of what we have on display on the Gifts Dorchester - Gecko Designsstall is unique, sometimes one offs and this is where we showcase and introduce all of our new designs for the first time so you could come along and buy something we might never make again.

We would love to meet you, show you our designs and talk with you about how we can make it special for your gift for someone else, or even better a gift for yourself!

We do understand though that many of our viewers, and stall visitors for that matter, see us once and then cannot get back to Dorchester to discuss their unique gift plans.  No problem, just contact us via this website or give us a call on the number at the top of every page of this website.

We take orders via our online shop and we ship all over the UK for a small fee for postage and packing.  If you are local, that is Weymouth/Dorchester or not too far away, we are happy to deliver to you for cash on delivery.  You can select this option at checkout on the shop if you prefer.

So come along, get buying gifts Dorchester, for birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, weddings, christmas, housewarming – almost anything really.  We are here to help.


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Gecko Designs – New Material Added

Hello Gecko lovers, just a quick note to let you know we have added a great new material that we reckon will go with most of our cutouts.  We love it, we call it Beige Blue leaf fleck.  Tim thought it looks a little like cannabis to be honest but I said ‘you can’t call it that!’. So leaffleck it is!

I will add some pictures of cutouts soon with the material but we are just testing it out on the stall today for the first time.

Here is the material swatch picture :

beige blue leaf fleck

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Wooden Gifts from Gecko Designs

ap-gecko-greenWooden Gifts are a real joy. My late father was a carpenter and joiner and his love of all things wood was second to none and it clearly passed down to me. I passed on the chance to become a carpenter myself, not just because I am a girl, but at the time I preferred riding horses and looking after my dogs.

So living in the countryside, and being surrounded by all types of wood, not just cut and sawn but trees and forests, is probably the core reason I created Gecko Designs.

I wanted to combine everything I loved and whilst some purists might argue that my real wood framed cut out art is not solid wood, it is my, quite reasonable, twist on it as I am simply not able to create solid wood objects so I have to resort to making real wood a core part of Gecko Designs products.

oaktree with red floral fabricSo I call my products wooden gifts, and I think they are. I diddled about with wood effect frames when I first started, and they were of course cheaper to buy, but finally I decided to stick to my guns and go with just wood, and so here we are.

Wooden Gifts clearly come in all shapes and sizes and I hope you accept my argument that Gecko Designs does create wooden gifts. But it is your choice, just have a look and see how I have respected and reflected the countryside in what I do, and you will find yourself the proud owner of unique, personalised and exclusive real wood framed cut out art for your home or as a gift for friends or family.

Just pop over to our Gecko Designs Shop where you can select your real wood frame, the size and design of your cut out art and the fabric or map to complete your artwork.  Then we will check your selection, to make sure we get it right, make it up and send it out to you as soon as we can.

We do not hold stock, we will make your artwork to order so bear with us and order in plenty of time.  We are only to happy to discuss any special orders so just get in touch.

Elaine (Chief Gecko!)

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Bertie and Jack – That is not Us

Gecko Designs not Bertie and JackBertie and Jack – Who are they? Some of our customers mention, when visiting the stall, that they have seen something similar, but thankfully not as interesting to them, when visiting Bath, for example.

What they have probably seen is Bertie and Jack which is a cut out company offering paper backed cut out art in contemporary white and black mdf frames which seems popular with city dwellers but does not really appeal to the countryside and rural lovers that frequent the Dorset Netherlands. And in most cases these customers have been put off by Bertie and Jack prices and are very happy when they see ours.

We are completely different from them. We need to make that completely clear. The cut out mount designs are our own for a start, and we use quality padded fabric in our cut out art which is a completely unique formula in the UK. Also, as a nod to my late father who was a carpenter, and with respect to our countryside surroundings, we use only real wooden frames for our cut out artwork.

stagpictureGecko Designs is the only company offering this exclusive combination of mount cutouts and padded fabric and we pride ourselves on providing something that our countryside lovers really enjoy. We also offer some lovely fabric based landscape art of Stags in the Wild and Country Wildlife, and as a reference to our seaside location (ie the South Coast) we have a very popular range of fabric based Beach Hut landscapes.  Now, you don’t have to live in Dorset to get your hands on our lovely stuff, any country dweller, and also those city dwellers that have a love of the rural, can order online at our Gecko Designs Shop and we will make your personalised, unique and exclusive cut out art or map memory as soon as we can and send it along to you.

We do not carry stock as everything is made for you and we always check we have got it right before sending it out too.

So forget about Bertie and Jack and look to Gecko Designs to create your gift or home decoration.