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Wooden Gifts from Gecko Designs

ap-gecko-greenWooden Gifts are a real joy. My late father was a carpenter and joiner and his love of all things wood was second to none and it clearly passed down to me. I passed on the chance to become a carpenter myself, not just because I am a girl, but at the time I preferred riding horses and looking after my dogs.

So living in the countryside, and being surrounded by all types of wood, not just cut and sawn but trees and forests, is probably the core reason I created Gecko Designs.

I wanted to combine everything I loved and whilst some purists might argue that my real wood framed cut out art is not solid wood, it is my, quite reasonable, twist on it as I am simply not able to create solid wood objects so I have to resort to making real wood a core part of Gecko Designs products.

oaktree with red floral fabricSo I call my products wooden gifts, and I think they are. I diddled about with wood effect frames when I first started, and they were of course cheaper to buy, but finally I decided to stick to my guns and go with just wood, and so here we are.

Wooden Gifts clearly come in all shapes and sizes and I hope you accept my argument that Gecko Designs does create wooden gifts. But it is your choice, just have a look and see how I have respected and reflected the countryside in what I do, and you will find yourself the proud owner of unique, personalised and exclusive real wood framed cut out art for your home or as a gift for friends or family.

Just pop over to our Gecko Designs Shop where you can select your real wood frame, the size and design of your cut out art and the fabric or map to complete your artwork.  Then we will check your selection, to make sure we get it right, make it up and send it out to you as soon as we can.

We do not hold stock, we will make your artwork to order so bear with us and order in plenty of time.  We are only to happy to discuss any special orders so just get in touch.

Elaine (Chief Gecko!)