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Pictures of Dogs

picture of dogs labrador-Golden-AP10Looking for pictures of dogs as a gift or for your own home? You are not alone! We have found that people are fanatical about their four legged best friends and if they have a favourite breed then a dog picture of that breed makes the perfect gift. If this is you we are talking about then you simply don’t have enough picture of dogs in your home!

A completely different type of Dog Picture

pictures of dogs Dachshund Cut Out Art

There a loads of pictures of dogs around but they are often a little samey of you know what I mean. Let me give you an example. I was talking with the owner of a Dachshund the other day and, in the words of her boyfriend, she has everything Dachsy there is to have. I mean Dachshund pictures, coasters, doormat, bed covers, curtains – I mean everything!

So it had become a hell of a challenge for her family to find new presents for her because all she craved was more Dachshund stuff. Then they visited our market stall.

It became a bit of a Dachshund fest then. We have two cut outs for the dachshund pictures the standard shaped one as you can see on the right here and our stretched sausage dog as shown below:

pictures of dogs sausagedog

We got a bit carried away when we designed this stretched sausage dog picture but it has become very popular with the Dachsy fraternity and gives a unique twist on the pictures of these dogs. The point I am trying to make is that these pictures are nothing like anything this young lady had seen before and the great thing about them is that as they are a deep mount cutout we can back them with any padded fabric the customer chooses. We have a standard set of fabric choices that are most popular but you can choose anything.

This now gives her family and friends an almost unlimited set of choices for new Dachshund pictures. So pictures of dogs will never be the same again.

Pictures of other Dog Breeds

We currently have exclusive and original Gecko Designs pictures of dogs for Staffies, Pugs, Dachshunds, Retrievers, Labradors and Chihuahua Art and we are adding more all the time. We are working on a Greyhound, Dalmation and Poodle for customers at the moment and because we work closely with a number of dog charities including Dogs Trust we are under pressure to add more and more.

So if you can’t find a picture of the dog breed you are looking for just give us a call or send us a message and we will look into it.

To give me some set of guidelines I researched the top 10 breeds of dog in the UK.  I am not sure what the criteria are for the lists that appear on Google, I guess it is dogs registered in that year or something, but it does not bear any relation to what we are asked for.

A recent poll for the Telegraph  shows a top 25 dog breeds as voted for but this bears little relation to the figures highlighted by other top 10s so I am not sure which is the best way to do this.  For example the Staffy features highly in some recent figures for dog registrations but does not even get a showing in the Telegraph’s poll.

You can help us make our own list – use the Twitter hashtags #2016Top10 #DogBreeds and look at our tweets on dog breeds.

More Dog Breeds from Gecko Designs

At the time or writing we have Staffy Cut Out Art, Dachshund Cut Out Art, Chihuahua Cut Out Art. Labrador Cut out Art and Pug Cut Out Art as wall art pictures and you can follow the links above to these pages. We have also just added our Dachshund Cut Out art picture in tan check to Etsy – Brows our Etsy Shop